Summer Ministry

Our summer ministry hosts church youth groups on weeklong mission trips. Our maximum capacity on camp is 50. These groups come during the months of June, July, and August to help residents of Madison County who are living day to day in this area. Work projects have ranged from painting a room and building a handicap ramp to re-roofing a house and rebuilding a bridge. In partnership with the Community Housing Coalition of Madison County, we try to pair the skill of the groups with the needs of our families.  There is a wonderful legacy created by the people of this area. They accept help graciously and give back to us in kind a greater sense of spirit and joy. We all leave Glory Ridge enriched by our interactions with people who know that receiving is also a manner of giving. The lessons for young people are many and varied, but the one lesson they all discover is their common human experience and spiritual connection to the broader world. They find that love has no boundaries and is the thread that binds us all; that physical poverty does not make spiritual poverty. 


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