Our Vision Statement

Glory Ridge – built on a vision from God; is a place of welcome, worship, work, prayer and simplicity where the presence of Jesus Christ heals lives and transforms communities.

Our Community

God’s image and presence are lived out at Glory Ridge through the authentic communities that gather here. These prayer-drenched grounds have been a place of spiritual transformation in the hearts of both adults and youth for over 40 years.

Glory Ridge’s ministry is entirely supported by offerings given to the Glory of God by the groups that stay at Glory Ridge and by individual supporters of the camp. There is no endowment. We do not charge a set fee per group or per camper and do not want cost to be a barrier for any group or person wanting to come experience Glory Ridge. What we ask is simple, that you give as you feel called. 

The most important aspect of this camp has never changed. It is still a place where the lost come to find God when they are tired of fighting in this world alone. It is still a place where the warrior can come to bask in the glory of God’s presence to rejuvenate. It is still a place where youth of all spiritual levels can come and fellowship; reaching out to each other unlike anywhere else.
— George Moore

There is a long and important tradition at Glory Ridge of investing every generation of camper in the sustainability and health of the camp. We want everyone who comes to Glory Ridge to know they are a part of a huge family of “Ridgers” that has been growing for four decades. We want them to know that the land was cleared and most of the buildings on camp built by volunteers just like them. To preserve this sense of co-creation and shared ownership,  most groups that visit choose work projects, large or small, to complete on camp while they are here.

Each year a summer staff of five (four college students and a camp director) are assembled to facilitate your experience at the Ridge. We are here to help you with work projects and to provide a welcoming
presence on camp. We are your hosts.

A year-round director is available to assist groups who visit the camp September-May. 

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